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On Saturday I had a house painting party. That is where you tell you friends to come over and help paint and add the word “Party” on it instead of “help” and it sounds more fun.

Joe, Cody, Amy, Dumas and Melinda came and assisted me and man they worked their butts off. We didn’t stop until around 9:30 and everyone was there before 10AM. I kept thinking, “Man, these guys are killing themselves.” Mostly because I was already dead myself.

The ceiling in the living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, formal dining and hallway have all been scraped. No more popcorn. However, what is left behind isn’t bad, it’s just not exactly pristine either and so I may end up spending one weekend retexturing the living room ceiling, but for now it looks much better than the popcorn.

So about the nightmare…

I picked out these bold colors for the living room, Honey Gold, Turqoise blue, Deep Red, Mountain Trail Green. The blue was going to be an accent wall. The formal dining room was and is still the green and then the living room was going to be mostly yellow. On the little cards it looked so fun and cool, on the walls it looked like Panchos had exploded on them. It was too much.

Dumas was at the house on Sunday too helping me paint, he left and I immediately raced to Home Depot and bought primer and paint to fix the walls. I took the green card because the dining room color was the only color I liked. Then I found this khaki colored with a hint of green that sort of went well with the other green and painted the entire living room that color. It too was darker than I expected it to be once it was on the walls, but when I got up this morning and looked at it, I loved it.

This mistake ended up costing me about 175.00 and a lot of time, however, it was a lesson learned and sometimes you just can’t put a price on valuable knowledge. If someone had told me not to do these colors, I would not have listened. I needed to do it and then find out for myself that I didn’t like it.

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