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What am I doing?

If you wonder why my posts haven’t been as frequent it is because I am extremely busy. I know, I know, it’s the same old played out song that you are tired of hearing from me, but wait, this is busy on a whole nother level.

As you know I just bought a house and this weekend I am painting the interior of that house, but what you might not know is that I started a new business. I recently registered and I do creative and technical consulting. What that really boils down to is in house computer support, small business networking and computer support, web design, wedding, birthday, anniversary, funeral slideshows/DVD’s and digital photo journals and archiving. Whew. What a mouthful. What is more is that I have a business partner in the works who is wonderfully connected and is great with public relations.  Our main focus right now is the digital photo archiving.

Why digital photo archiving? Because everyone has old photos that are stored in the attic, on a shelf, in a closet and who really wants to flip through scads of dusty scrapbooks and albums? What is more, if you want to create your own slideshow wouldn’t it be nice if all your old photos were already scanned and categorized and stored digitally? What about storing them online and then creating a webspace for family and friends to catalogue all of their photos and that way everyone can share and see without the hassle of having to drive to grandma’s house in Tinbuctu in order to see pictures of your great grandparents.

Also, when it comes time to do a funeral slideshow no one wants to deal with the issue at the time of the funeral, so why not do one before? It sounds morbid, but in reality it is just a nice addition to your will. Music – check. Casket – check. Slideshow – check. It’s not a service you would normally think about, but there are scads of terminally ill people who would probably like to put together something for their families to remember them by. That is what this business is all about.

I’m actually doing a huge photo project right now that is archiving over 1500 photos, a slideshow, and a destination presentation. Then I have another client that wants me to do all of their wedding photos and honeymoon postcards and memorabilia. We also scan and save old documents, articles and anything else that you would like to preserve in case of flooding or fire.

So the new house will be painted tomorrow and then I have to go to IKEA to furnish my office with some simple desks and chairs. I already got a business phone, cards, website, and next week I am going to open a business account. It’s really hard to believe that things are coming together so nicely. God keeps blessing me and blessing me.

So if you are interested in any of the above services, let me know. The website is still under construction, but there is a services page with some of the stuff that I’ve done in the past – one of my favorite online photo journals is Nikki and Jeremy Johnson’s Wedding –

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