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Mud Volleyball Tournament, Schlitterbhan, New PotteryBarn Sectional


Mud Volleyball – It is something you must do at least once in your life. My cousin Chanc invited me to come up and play in Oklahoma last Saturday and we had a blast.


My cousin Chanc and I – that is my game face?

Living room and backyard view!

This is my new Pottery Barn sectional that I bought yesterday at the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos. $3517 was the sticker price and then I saw a sign that said “All upholstered furniture 70% off”. What? I did the math on my phone and that made the price $1055. Could that be true? I did the math again because I thought maybe I didn’t know how to calculate fractions… again, the price was only $1055. Fortunately, I had gone to Schlitterbhan with the Miller’s and we came in two trucks and it took some work but we got it loaded in the trucks and made it all the way back, 200+ miles, to Plano. This is a dream couch, exactly what I wanted and I never thought I would get it at this price. It is in mint condition, it’s brand new and there isn’t a scratch on it. The only defect I could find is that one of the pillows is stuffed with something that looks a little bit wrinkled. I can easily fix that and that might just be from the fact that it was seriously squished while moving it home.

Sitting Area

I had to move all my existing living room furniture into the formal dining room. It makes a really nice sitting area. I have to admit, I do love that painting over the couch like that.

Living Room and Sitting Room

And finally a wide angle shot of the living room and the sitting area. The Pottery Barn couch is huge. I can pull my legs up on that middle section on the couch where it bends and fit comfortably. And speaking of comfort, this couch is very comfortable without looking slouchy or having pillows like the other couch that constantly have to be re-arranged and fluffed up for comfort.

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