Lawnmower – Check. Weedeater – Check. Plumber – Check.

The new house is totally KICK A. I’ve never made a smarter purchase in my life and I can’t imagine having a house at this price, in this location, that I could have liked more.  On Sunday I was finally settled in my house for the most part and I played Ultimate Frisbee on the Saturday and worked the rest of the day so there was no time to mow my way overgrown lawn. For those of you who don’t live in Texas you may not know that it has been raining – Noah’s Ark Type Rain – for the last month and so not only has the grass been growing, but the yards have hardly been dry enough to mow when the rain has briefly paused. I met my new neighbor, (The house on my right is for sale and vacant) and I told Jenni, “I promise I will get this yard mowed soon!” and she was so nice, she said, “Don’t worry about it, we’ve only been here 6 weeks and we just got ours done.” She was very sweet and I’ve never met a Jenni that I didn’t like and so I was delighted to meet her and that she and her husband Paul were my new neighbors.

So Sunday I went to Lowe’s and bought a new lawnmower and weadeater. I bought some lightbulbs and some oil too and dropped $510 dollars in one pop. It felt good because I had the money and because I was buying a mower for me, for my house, for the very first time. Then I went home, put the mower together and spent a delightful hour + mowing my lawn. I was so giddy I was practically skipping like a school girl on her way to the ice cream truck. Lollipop, Lollipop, oh, lolly, lolly pop.

Then I put my weedeater together, which was so much easier than I had anticipated, and finished up the yard. I looked at the yard all done with my two huge shade trees out front, my wonderful backyard with the 12 foot fence for privacy and my blooming Crepe Myrtle trees with their lavender colored blooms, and I was so filled with pride and joy that I almost twirled around like a princess in a new dress.

The only sour part about the entire move in was that the water in the master bathroom toilet just kept running and running. Not only was the noise annoying, but mentally I could hear money, quite literally, going down the drain.  So I called my Home Insurance company, Old Republic, and they sent someone out the same day. Then the guy told me that they shouldn’t have covered the problems because they were pre-existing, but that I had one of the best insurance agencies and so they did cover the cost and BAM, problem solved. I now have no immediate problems with the house that have to be resolved. I have food in my refrigerator and cupboard. I’ve been eating breakfast and dinner at home the last few days – something I haven’t done in over a year – and I’m just freakin’ delighted that having the house has exceeded my expectations. FAR EXCEEDED my expectations.

Oh, and as a bonus – this is quite possibly the quietest place I have ever lived in my life! I never hear anything. No kids, no cars, nothing. On occasion I see people, but for the most part people seem to keep to themselves. It’s awesome. No people stomping over my head, no loud bass in the parking lot, it’s almost a ghost town it’s so quiet.

I’ve been really blessed throughout this whole process and God continues to bless me everyday. Thank You God – and thanks to all of you for your support.

Pictures coming soon!


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