First Night

I slept in my house last night on the floor with one blanket and a pillow and it was awesome. The place is empty and it sort of smells like moth balls and so I Febrezed the heck out of the place as well as lighting a myriad of rain scented Glade candles.

I had electricity, but no water because I am a bonehead and while I was out of town I forgot that I needed to have the water transferred to my name. That allowed me two toilet flushes and no handwashing for the night and so it was almost like camping, only much, much better.

My new place ya’ll, it rocks. I mean, I checked it out and said I wanted it in about 3 minutes, but I didn’t really “LOOK” at it, everything was a cursory inspection and so now that I am finally in it and I see how amazing the rooms are, how big the closets are, how well kept everything is – I am overwhelmed. There are almost no holes in the walls where pictures were hung. The paint on the walls looks original to the house, but it is stil pristine. All the lights are original to the house too I am sure, but also, they are immaculate. Everything is so wonderfully clean and new and my back porch is so freakin’ awesome that I don’t know what I am going to do with myself. 

So I’m even more excited now that I will be moving my stuff in today and I’ll actually have a bed to sleep on and the water will be turned on so I can do laundry and take a shower. And my really sweet sister Precious, who was also my realtor, got me a bunch of cleaning stuff and laundry detergent and things I needed as a house warming gift. Thanks Presh!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for your love and support, it has really meant a lot to me.

Love you.


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