House Buying is HARD

This has been a very complicated, very extreme experience. The house needed some repairs and they had to be done before the closing on Monday. These repairs weren’t mentioned until the appraisal was done on Tuesday and so with less than a week to close and with a Holiday tossed in for good measure and the seller is in Sweden – the likelihood of me closing on Monday seemed like a pretty slim chance. However, the seller apparently contacted a contractor and I went by today and they are working on the house repairs and so maybe, just maybe, they’ll get everything done and I’ll have a house on Monday.

People, do not underestimate the signifigance of this. I’m currently homeless living in the Cribbies house in Krum. 80% of my stuff has been packed away at my real dad’s house for 6 weeks. I’ve been living out of a suitcase and driving long-distance to work and I’ve been waiting with bated-breath for this deal to go through and now it almost has. I’m so close, I really hope all goes well on Monday and that I sign the papers and have the keys to my house.

So that’s really why I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been busy working and planning things and calling insurance companies and paying bills and pretty much doing everything I can to get this house thing done on time. It’s much harder than anyone ever let on.  

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