I HEART Phillip

Eddie-June 2007 008 (Medium)

Please take note of my calf muscle… doesn’t that look like a huge deformity?

Last night I got an AMAZING massage from a guy named Phillip from Massage Envy. (If you are in the Plano/Allen area then it is the Massage Envy at Craig Ranch – Custer and 121.)

I’ve had probably 8 massages in the last 8 months and this guy was the best out of 5 different people. Lee was too light and I felt like I wasted my money, Les was too hard and I thought I was going to DIE – but Phillip – I HEART Phillip. My back has never felt better. My calves were massaged perfectly. He had the perfect balance of pain and pleasure which is hard to judge on someone my size. I need deep tissue massage, but I don’t want to be in excruciating pain.  

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