Denver here I come…

I’m sitting at DFW Airport in one of the newer wings as I type this. Einstein brothers bagels, Fuddruckers and Barbecue waft through the air – care to take a guess where I ate? Hint: I love bagel dogs slathered with loads of mustard and washed down with any number of carbonated beverages. It’s a great brunch and it’s conveniently located next to my terminal.

 I’m going to Denver just for the weekend to visit the Lashmet’s. John, Alison, and son Jackson have been BEGGING me, on their knees, to come and visit them. “Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top” they chimed. Ugh. Okay, I relented to their cries and bought a plane ticket and in a couple of hours I’ll be sittin’ pretty in the mountains downing suds and chatting it up with some of my favorite people on planet Earth. (I do have friends on other planets)

So I’m off… see you on Monday!

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