The House – Failed with a big ol’ F%(@$

The guy that did the inspection on my house was more than forthcoming, he pretty much told me “DO NOT BUY THIS HOUSE”. Which was not something I wanted to hear especially since that whole affair cost me 350 bucks! House shopping is expensive and now I am back looking in Plano at houses that are cheaper and that will probably pass inspection on the first go round, that way I’m not out another 350 duckets.

So it’s back to the drawing board…

 Oh, and I went and looked at brand new houses today as well, however, if you want to live in Plano and you want to buy a new house you might as well have at least 200,000 to pony up or else you are living in a town home and that is one of my cardinal rules – NO TOWNHOMES! I just don’t want to be attached to someone else’s house, not after the whole apartment debacle of 2006-2007.

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