I made an offer and they accepted!

So yeah, I’m supposed to close on July 5th I believe.  I bought an investment property in McKinney of all places. I paid 92,000 for it including down payment, closing costs, the whole shebang. I’ve got to get it inspected and then wrap up all the details, but for now I’ve got a house located in the Historic district of McKinney. It’s not historic, it was built in 1964, however, it is close to downtown and hopefully with a little bit of cosmetic updates I can resell it later or use it as rental property in a couple of years. That is the plan anyway.

I have no pictures of it yet, but when I get some, I’ll be sure to post them here. I’m really excited, but I won’t allow myself to get too excited until I have the keys in my hand and all the paper work is signed and the inspection is done.

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