Would you rather have a roommate that was an Umpa Lumpa? Or one of the members of the Lolly Pop Guild?

Travis Miller a.ka. Straight Shooter McGee posed this remarkable question in one of his comments yesterday and I was surprised at how insightful and timely it was. You see, right now, in this very moment, I am living with both an Umpa Lumpa and a member of the Lolly Pop Guild.

I know what you are thinking, BS EDDO, this is another one of your stories, but it isn’t. Do to my unfortunate circumstances of not being able to find a house I had to find a suitable living location that was affordable and it just so happened that a friend of mine knows this Umpa Lumpa and told me that he was in need of a roommate. “Umpa Lumpa?” Was my obvious response, but I’m all about expanding my horizons and if nothing else it would be something new to blog about. So I moved in with him and to my surprise he already had a roommate that was a member of the lolly pop guild! I walked in and there in the living room was a Bible study with a couple of keebler elves, a hobbit, and a three leprachauns. “Frost my lucky charms!” I exclaimed when I saw the whole bunch of them. It really was quite a surprise, I mean it is one thing to run into a bunch of fairy tale creatures but to see them studying the Bible and Revelations at that, now that was interesting. It seems that the Leprachauns are really into the End Times and there was a heated discussion about pre-trib and post-trib rapture.  Those dwarves were quoting Zechariah and 1 Thessalonians and referencing the Apocrypha as well as interpreting Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. I was really intrigued by their knowledge of the scriptures.

So back to the question, which is better to live with: An Umpa Lumpa or a member of the Lolly Pop Guild? I’d have to say it is a tough one. You’d be surprised at how much singing those Umpa Lumpa’s do and those Lolly Pop guys are always leaving sticky traces of sugary lolly pops all over the house so it’s really a toss up. What’s more pressing right now is whether or not we are going to allow that silly rabbit, Lucky, to come and live with us… I’m afraid he’ll eat all my Trix.

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