I’m half tempted to move to Dallas…

Okay, I’m actually almost 98% convinced that I am going to move to Dallas. Why? Because of the investment opportunity. I’d like to tell you where, but I can’t, you might try to buy the house first because it is such a great deal!

The location is only 16 miles from where I work. It is not in a location that I would normally think to move, but I love old houses and these houses were built in the 1920’s and some of them have been restored and they look amazing and they are going for 142 a square foot!

This house is two bedroom, 1 bath, 1,157 square foot home for $200,000 and two doors down there is a fixer upper, the same size, for 99,000.

This house is 209,000 and is only 1,557 square feet. One only 2 blocks away is 99,000 and is 1200 square feet. There are more in this area for even less, they just need to be updated!

This one is 359,000, however, it is really big and is on a nice sized lot. 2,400 sq. ft.

So, maybe this is where I am supposed to move? I mean, I made an offer on 5 different houses in Plano, 2 of them just rejected my offer, the others they accepted better offers – even when I offered the full asking price! UGH!

But this is a chance for me to buy something and restore it and live cheaply and make money all at the same time. Something I’m praying about, who knows, something might open up in Plano that is a great deal too.

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