Russian Kettlebell Training and Other News…

I’m in the middle of a hunger pain that is on par with giving birth. I can assure you because it is quite painful and I know women talk about how painful childbirth is and all, but really? Is it so bad now that they give you all those drugs? Right now I could use some pain relieving drugs because my stomach is eating itself. Yep. I tried to quench it’s fiery rage with a glass of iced tea and it just laughed at me and continued devouring. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

The thing is I sit in front of the mirror for hours at a time and memorize the exact proportions of my stomach. I’ve memorized every curve, every wrinkle, every mole and that way I can keep from ballooning up to be the size of Shamu.

The thing is I lost all this weight in about a month’s time and everyone started noticing and then I got busy with my move and shoving my face full of burritos and tacos that I didn’t hardly have time to stop and really consider that I was totally negating all the hard work I had just put myself through. Very American of me I know.

So yesterday I went back on my “Healthy Lifestyle Eating Plan”. That is what I call it because eating healthy should be a life-long commitment, not something you do 2-3 months out of the year in week long intervals that are normally followed by binge-eating and hedonistic food rituals where you are practically willling yourself to become one with the food that you are consuming.

Yesterday I had yogurt for breakfast, a chicken ceasar salad from La Madeline for lunch and then brisket, green beans and a couple of bites of coleslaw for dinner. I followed that up with an hour long workout and lots of water.  Today was yogurt for breakfast again and soup for lunch. Tonight is Cuba Libre and so I have to be extra good all day so I can kind of splurge tonight. It’s a constant battle, but in the long run it is worth it.

On a new Training note… I did a Russian Kettlebell class  (click on that link fo real) with a co-worker of mine (Hi Anita!) We did it on Saturday morning and here it is Tuesday and I can still barely walk. The lunges and the squatting and the thrusting were ENDLESS. Anita got a kick out of my pain, but I really did enjoy the class and I plan to meet with her and her trainer the next couple of weeks for a couple more classes. I’ve just got to get down to 300 lbs. That is my goal weight for this summer. I’m at about 325 now, which is good because at one point I was at 368 with much less muscle.

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