OMG! I was Blogger E! House Hunting Horrors – Late.

Yesterday I went out of town and totally forgot about writing my post for SaurKraut’s website.  I was supposed to write about House Hunting Horrors, my bad Saur, so sorry.

 Anywho, here it is…

I made another bid on a house, this will be bid number 5. I offered the full asking price one day after it was on the market. My sister told me yesterday that multiple offers were made on the house, what if someone offered more than the asking price? Ugh.  I’ve been shopping now for about 6 weeks and I’m actually surprised at how complex this process is. Apparently even though it is supposed to be a buyer’s market, all the buyers out there want the same properties and so we are willing to pay a premium to get the house we want instead of getting a house for below it’s appraised value.

Sometimes you find really cool properties online, but when you actually go and look at them you find that the rooms are as cramped in person as they looked online.

Exhibit A:

Other people will have tainted their sale by taking pictures of their furniture in the home – like this couch that reminds me of Gossamer from Bugs Bunny.

Or just ugly stuff like this:

I’ve also been surprised to find that some houses that were listed at 150,000+ were later foreclosed on and listed at 120,000 – so I spent my time going out to look at these homes thinking that the pictures online just weren’t doing them justice because of the asking price only to find that the pictures were showing the truth.  Some people just need to offload crap and they think that by chance some idiot will come along and give them whatever they are asking for the house. It’s crazy.

And what is going on in the picture above? Look how close that recliner is to the pool table. I just don’t get it.

 Other houses have had rotted wood, WARNING PRESENCE OF MOLD signs as well as a myriad of other problems.

I always thought that buying a house would be much easier than buying a car, it isn’t. Buying a car there isn’t usually competition trying to outbid you for the car you want and if the car you want is sold, chances are you can find one more just like it, the same day. 

So I am waiting to here back on this other house, but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up to much and that if this house isn’t the one, there are 20 others out there just like it… somewhere.  

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