Rough Riders Salsa Rehearsal Dinner Wedding

Wednesday night I went to a Rough Riders minor league baseball game. It was awesome. The stadium is much smaller than your average stadium and so there aren’t any bad places to sit.  My roommate Chip works for the Rough Riders and our friend Ross had Founders tickets and so we got in, we got wrist bands for all you can eat and drinkn for free and we were able to sit in a suite or down right behind the catcher. The weather was awesome, the food was great and it was a great time. However, I have a tendency to equate FREE FOOD with EATING COMPETITION and I feel it is my duty to compete with myself to see how much food I can cram into my belly. Hamburger, Hot Dog, Chips, Dr. Pepper, Barbecue, Rolls, beans, apple cobbler, coconut cake, german chocolate cake… do I need to continue, because I can! What is it about the words Free and Food that flip an internal switch inside me that says I need to eat until I die?

So in order to work off all those calories I went to the gym last night and did an hour of intense cardio while watching So You Think You Can Dance. And of course I do think I can dance and that is why I went to Salsa last night with a date. Yep, a real girl who shall remain secret…

So we ate at Gloria’s and then about 10 other friends from church showed up and I was delighted to see them but I really just wanted to dance with Erin and so I only danced 4 other dances with 3 other girls. When you consider that there was probably 30 dances/songs played then Erin definitely got her money’s worth. Not that she paid for me, but I mean, if she had paid for me, then I totally would have been worth every penny.

Tonight is Travis Miller’s rehearsal dinner. Most Rehearsal dinners are BORING, however, this is time spent with the Miller’s and they can make watching paint dry entertaining. We are also going to the Prarie House for dinner and you just can’t go wrong with the Prarie House – it rocks!

Then tomorrow is Ultimate Frisbee in the morning followed by a wedding later that day and then a bachelor party retreat all the way through Tuesday. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

 Oh, and no word on the house yet, but I will keep you posted.

Much Love.


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