Weddings out the Wazoo

In the span of 5 weeks I have 5 weddings to go to, 2 bachelor parties, 2 rehearsal dinners. It’s both exhilirating and depressing all at the same time. I love weddings. I’m a big sappy romantic (not a dang teddy bear though) and I am one of those dreamers who believes that one day when I do get married that my marriage will be better than anyone else’s who has ever been married before. However, the people that are getting married this month and next are all younger than me and are guys that I have mentored throughout highschool and college, and Travis Miller who I haven’t really mentored but have become incredibly close to over the last couple of years. My point is, I should be getting married before them dangit! If they are getting married then that means I am ooooold and getting older by the minute. Thank God I still have my looks and I haven’t become crotchety just yet. But give me a couple of more years and I could look like the crypt keeper with a personality to match.

So the reason I am writing this post today is because I wanted to share with you some pictures from a slideshow that I am doing for an up and coming wedding for Jonathan Dumas and Melinda Butler.  I met Jonathan the summer before his freshman year in highschool and now he is all grown up.

Here he is, right before his freshman year in high school, he was just a baby back then…


Hamburger time! Here we are at Dumas’ 11th grade birthday party.  I just love those hamburger things.


Here we are at the ski trip that I had to go to the emergency room for Cardio Pulmonary Edema. Look at my eyes! I had such a huge headache! Look at all that hair I had though. But I think I like myself better without hair now. Oh, and that is Cody on the right and Dumas on the left. It’s amazing how fast they grow up. One year they are riding the Hamburger thing at McDonalds, the next day they are skiing blacks.

Unfortunately, Dumas continues to age at a rapid pace, poor thing. Good thing he is getting married to Melinda who seems to have the same aging issue.

Sweet Melinda, just two years before that previous picture was taken of her. It’s amazing how time ravages the body.

Melinda attacking the camera – she thought it was a gun and she is trained in multiple martial arts disciplines.

Jonathan and Melinda showing off their skillz that pay the bills – for real, both of them do these stunts for a living. Have you seen Cirque de Soleil? Well, they invented that – along with Post Its.

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