Is that cocaine on your crotch?

Nope, it’s just Gold Bond medicated powder! You see here sonny, Gold Bond medicated powder works wonders during the summer when you are sweating a bunch. Ever heard of Pizza Bumper? Jock Itch? Well, if you use a little Gold Bond you don’t hafta worry bout’ neither.

So today I used a little too much Gold Bond powder. I mean, all you do is pull out your underwear or boxers and sprinkle liberally. But today I was in a hurry and so I sort of squeezed the bottle and a whole bunch came out and I just didn’t worry about it. Later when I went to the bathroom I didn’t think anything of it either, but when I got to the mirror and the sink to wash my hands I had this bunch of white powder on my crotch. haha. It’s really more funny than gross or embarrassing and the white powder was definitely not cocaine… that stuff is way too expensive to be dusting your privates with it.

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