Three offers and not so much as a counter offer…

The last house I bid on was on the market for all of 10 days and someone else offered a higher bid than me and got it. So now I am 0-3 in this whole house buying gig. However, each time I don’t get a house, I end up finding something that is better than the one I almost bought and so I am sort of glad that God keep closing the doors on me and saying, “HOLD UP!”

I have been staying with my buddy Nathan for the last 3 days and he lives closer to where I work than where my real dad lives and he has a roommate named Chip who is really cool. Nathan and Chip are the kind of guys that you want to hang out with for hours at a time and talk about the crap that guys like to talk about. Food, girls, investment properties, money, regularity – not necessarily in that order. Anyway, living with them for the past 3 days has totally rocked and it has made me not in such a rush to get into a new house which is great because you should never rush one of the biggest and most expensive purchases of your life. This isn’t a 12 pack of Sprinkles 3 dollar cupcakes that I am buying on an impulse buy – it is a 30 year mortgage!

So after I didn’t get the house that I wanted I told my sister to bid on the second one that I really liked. However, she called me back and said that maybe we should wait because there is another one that is supposedly awesome for cheaper that will go on the market this weekend. According to the realtor that she talked to it has all sorts of upgrades and it is beautiful.  We’ll soon find out and in the meantime, if it isn’t what I want, I hope the other place doesn’t sell. It’s all very vexing, but it has been a great learning experience for me.

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