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Interview with a vamp an Eddo

Jes, who is an awesome cook and amazing conversationalist, sent me some brilliant interview questions and here are my responses… 

You use humor on your blog, and you’re funny in person, too. (Really?, thanks!)  Who are some of your inspirations from the comic world? What has shaped your sense of humor?

Funny in person? Jes, are you saying that I am funny looking? I don’t appreciate that at all. My sense of humor has been shaped from the need to defend myself from people who say that I am funny looking – TO MY FACE! WHAT-EV!  My parents and sisters are also very witty and clever in unique ways and since I’m the baby in the family I would say they all had the greatest influence on me.   From the comic world I would have to say that I’ve always loved Ellen Degeneres’ stand up and as a kid I was inspired by Gary Coleman of Different Strokes, “What you talkin’ bout Willis?”What was the happiest moment in your life?

Oooh, that is a good question, but it’s so blaringly obvious. My happiest moment was when I found out that they were making the Harry Potter books into a movie! And then they did and I got to see Harry and Hermione and Ron and EVERYBODY! I was delirious and giddy like a little girl who just got a pony.What do you do when nobody’s looking?

 What? Like pick my nose? Everyone does that, it’s necessary at times, I mean you can’t walk around with bats in your cave silly. But I’d have to say that I also make faces after I pass people, like, could you believe how that person smelled? Or, Oh my word those pants were so short they were almost capris! Or, Is that guy really wearing yellow crocs to work? OH NO HE DIDN’T (Insert black girl head swivel here with one finger up)

Also when no one is looking, I dance, krump style, so wildly that sometimes I almost throw my back out. Who is someone you greatly admire? Why?

I admire that silly Rabbit that kept trying to get those dang TRIX! My word he was relentless! Those mean kids kept taking them away from him, It upsets me, kids need to learn to share.Would you prefer to make a lot of money with very little notoriety, or have a very moderate income but be very famous?

Well, I am already the second part of that question, VERY FAMOUS with a very moderate income. So, please, give me tons of cash and then leave me the heck alone. Being famous, having fans screaming for your attention, signing hundreds of autographs, after a while it gets really old because when it comes right down to it, when you are famous you are not famous for being yourself, it is always for what that person wants you to be which is invariably something you’re not.

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