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I took the day off from work yesterday and spent most of it house hunting. My problem is that I find one that I like and I don’t want to look anymore – HUGE MISTAKE. My sister told me that I needed to find a bunch of properties to go look at and then we would go from house to house to house one day and look at them and then I could decide.  I scoured the internet and found 15 houses in my price range, the location I liked and that actually looked decent. I drove around to a few of them the day before we were scheduled to look at them and I scratched 2 of them off of my list because of the location or because in person from the outside they were ugly. (Who puts aqua shutters on a brown brick house?)

I met my sister at the first house that was my favorite online. It was awesome inside and out with an amazing yard and huge trees. The bedrooms needed some work but overall it was move-in ready. I wanted it. I didn’t even want to bother with looking at anymore properties.  Then, I went to the next house and was surprised and delighted at how amazing it was. Many updates were done and a few more were needed but the yard was awesome with carport and a shed and huge vaulted ceilings and it was in a great location with a big window out front so I could put a Christmas tree in it. I decided that I wanted that one instead.

Moving on to the third house I found, I once again didn’t want to bother with it. It was located on a street called Bengal and that didn’t sound like a very cool street. Walnut Ridge and Scottsdale just sounded more homey. So we drove to Bengal and the house had nice curb appeal. New black shutters and a beautiful black door with ornate glass and a picture glass screen door. Inside a nice brick fireplace and vaulted ceilings. A separate study with wood ceilings. Windows were all updated and looked energy efficient. I was wowed by it and I decided that the other two were nice options, but this was a definite YES.

From there on we looked at 5 more houses and all of them paled in comparison to the first 3.  Out of the 13 that I found 5 were under contract and one was unavailable to look at. It was a smart idea to look at a whole bunch all in one day because it is really easy to decide whether or not you want to move forward with one and then if you look at them all in the same day you don’t forget what you liked in the other properties that you were looking at.

So we made an offer on the one on Bengal and here are some pictures.

The lawn looks nice, but the shutters are new and so are the windows and there is a nice bay window in the dining room where if I wanted during the holidays I could put a Christmas tree there.

They rounded the corners in the entryways, but I think they need some slight moderations. They aren’t rounded in a way that makes them look better, to me this type of rounding only makes them look odd – not bad, just not right either.

The kitchen is nice and maybe their kids go to Baylor? Look at the green and yellow paint. That will have to go if I get this place.

The master bedroom is cozy and apparently they took this picture at night because you can’t see the nice light that comes in through the windows.

I like this covered back porch, but I think I might would open it up with one of those more open roofs that is just a bunch of beams that you allow ivy to grow on and then maybe add some lights – or maybe I will just leave it the way it is.

The texture on these walls is nice, but it is almost too much. I’d like to sand it down just a bit to make it a little more subtle.

This is an additional sideyward that is located behind the master bedroom and is sectioned off from the main backyward. Interesting isn’t it.

The great thing is if I don’t get this one I have two more that I am pretty interested in getting that are also amazing options.

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