To me, it’s more than just a house

I’ve been house hunting for a couple of weeks now and let me tell you it is MUCH harder than shopping for say, a pair of tennis shoes, or a nice pair of jeans. I know how you women have a hard time finding the right pair of jeans, or the right pair of shoes and that is why even though you already have 50 of them you just have to have one more because you need options and you need to feel pretty and I understand that completely. But I did not understand that hunting for house in a certain location, within a certain price range, with a certain amount of square footage and a very large living room would be as difficult as parting the Red Sea without the help of God. It is indeed THAT difficult.

I’ve been scouring the internet looking in certain zip codes and price ranges and narrowing my search until I have found 10-15 houses that are options. Within that 15 I have 4 that are definite “maybes” and I am going to look at them in the morning with my sister who is a real estate agent. What is amazing about all of this is that it wasn’t too long ago when people didn’t have the internet! GASP! They had to actually go and look at every single home, in person, with their bodies and their own eyeballs and see that 99.9% of the homes that are for sale are large turds ensconced in 30 year old wall paper and yellow shag carpet. Many of these same houses have foundation problems and hideous texture on the walls and if you are lucky they smell like mildew and mold. These turds are reasonably priced if by reasonably you mean 30,000 above their actual value.

So tomorrow I am hoping to find the right house in the 4 that I am going to look at. I plan to make an offer on one and I hope they accept my offer and that everything goes through without a hitch because I don’t just want a house, I need a house. For me a house isn’t just a place to lay my head, no, it means so much more than that. It means that I have finally come to a place in my life where I have worked hard enough to call some place my own. A place where I can paint the walls the color I want and play my radio loudly. A place to invite friends for dinner and share laughs in a space that is all mine. A house to me means indepedence and most of all freedom. To some a mortgage would be bondage, but to me it is a welcome chain that I will gladly bear for a small section of this world that I can call mine. I’ve been waiting now for 5 years to do this. To get to a place financially where it is possible and where it is the right thing to do. For some people buying a house is like buying a pair of jeans, but to me it is almost like getting married or falling in love. It is something I have wanted that bad for so long and now it’s getting close and I’m dying with anticipation.

Please keep me in your prayers during this time.

I love you all.


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