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Spider Man 3

With Green Goblin, Sandman, Bad Spidey, and Venom all rolled into one movie how could this thing not be a hit? It can’t! I loved this movie.

I was going to work early Friday mrning and this guy called in to the radio station and said that he didn’t like Spiderman 3 and that it was the worst of the 3 films. At nearly two and a half hours long Spiderman could easily drag, but for me it didn’t. I was never bored, I was never in a hurry for the next big action sequence, the movie just kept delivering. I’d say the only role that was a little tiring.

Overall it is worth seeing and try to see it on DLP it rocks. Oh, and I’d say it is the best of the 3, not the worst, because of the villains.

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