I feel like Miranda in her “skinny” jeans…

I got up this morning and decided to wear jeans to work today since we are all going to see Spiderman 3 during work hours! Yeah for team building! Normally I wear slacks and most of them are getting too big and baggy, but when they cost 100 dollars a pair they aren’t something you just go out and replace all at once. So this morning I put on my jeans and I needed to tuck my shirt in because we normally don’t wear jeans even on Fridays like most people do.

I pulled out an old belt that over the years had become too small. I put on my jeans and tried on the belt and it not only fit, but I could get it to the 3rd notch! YES! Okay, the 3rd notch was snug tight, but I used to couldn’t even get it buckled and so this was progress. What is even more exciting is that while I was in Florida I ate way too much and since I have been back I’ve only worked out once. I recently moved in with my real dad and so I’ve been all out of sorts and my routine has been non-existent. So putting on this belt and having it fit without strangling my midsection was a more than pleasant surprise.

I know that many of you reading this probably think, “Man, this Eddo character is such a big girl the way he is always worried about his weight.” It’s true. I do worry about it alot. Adult Onset Diabetes runs in my family and when I was a kid I was made fun of so severely for being fat. Being told I had breasts like a girl at the swimming pool when you are in the 5th grade is pretty devestating. Now I workout and I eat right and I am finally doing it the right way and so yeah, I talk about it because it helps me to keep doing it and to chart my progress. I always appreciate it when people tell me, “Well, your just big, I don’t think of you as fat.” However, that doesn’t make my pants feel loose nor do my knees stop aching from carrying around such a large frame on the Frisbee field. So I’m trying to slim down not because I want to look better, but because I want to feel better. And when my belt isn’t tight, then I do feel much better.

Much Love.

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