Watching people watch me…

I’m at the airport which is by far the very best place to people watch. THis guy is hobbling by right now with his leg in a cast up to the knee, however, he is wearing cut-off sweat shorts that are showing about 7 inches of bare white thigh – about 6 inches too much. Men’s shorts should always be knee length. I’ll only allow exceptions on swim trunks and only during competition.

 What is more interesting is watching people watch me. I’ll admit it, I’m a head turner. Sometimes they turn the other way out of horror, but they turn nonetheless. I definitely consider my huge size to be a blessing, I mean, I am practically a celebrity just for being big. I’ve been bought drinks in a bar just because I was “So freakin’ Huge”. It’s actually embarrassing and humbling and ego boosting all at the same time. I mean, for someone who has struggled with self-esteem issues most of his life to suddenly be admired for doing nothing other than being big is pretty cool. I used to let it irritate me to some degree, the constant asking, “Do you play football?” Now I like it. I enjoy the attention. I drink it in, why not? Life is short and God blessed me, just for most of my life I didn’t see my blessings as blessings. Instead I complained about them, I whined, I was such a huge baby. I’ve apologized to God for that many times. I hate discontentment over nothing.

So here I am sitting at the airport, watching people go by with my iPod on my head and my laptop on my lap. I’ve got a book too just in case the iPod and the laptop aren’t enough to keep me entertained. Oh, and right next to me is a Frulatti if I find myself in need of libation.

This weekend I am off to an SOS conference. I’m excited about it. It is the first one that I’ve been to that has been a full weekend. 4 nights, 3 days in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Suddenly I am in the mood for orange juice.

Oh, and in case you don’t know the Mavs are in the play-offs and they won last night beating Golden State 112-99. Yep, I’m still a ManiAAC just in case you are wondering. I stopped writing too much about it here because I’m not supposed to say anything negative about being a ManiAAC and that is what is fun to write about! The behind-the-scenes drama edited and embellished to juicy perfection.

And in case you are wondering, I’m listening to Evan’s Blue while I type this. Rock on my bretheren and sisteren. Rock on.

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