Now with only 2 Gorgings a month!

I haven’t really been writing here about my dieting attempts because who really wants to hear about someone dieting? Either you are dieting too and it is encouraging, you are not dieting and you are made to feel guilty, or you are not dieting, you don’t need to diet and you could care less about the struggles that people go through when they are dieting. So yeah, you probably will want to stop reading this post right here. And if you do, I totally understand.

I’m stuck. I am stuck at 330. I got to 329 one morning and then I was back at 330 the next day. For the last 5 years of my life every time I have started to diet I cannot seem to get below and stay below 330. So that is my goal right now, to get to 325.

People who haven’t seen me in a while always say, “So what have you been doing?” and it is hard to respond because my life is pretty much consumed with eating healthy and working out. It is like a second job. Buying vitamins, taking vitamins, drinking water, menu planning, budgeting so I can afford to eat what I want, spending more for healthier food options, getting massages so that I can recoup from working out too hard. Taking electolyte pills to keep from dehydrating and playing Ultimate Frisbee on the weekends because that in and of itself is motivation enough to become leaner.

I have lost 12 solid pounds in one month. I say solid pounds because sometimes you lose weight and then it comes back. Like when you get sick, you can lose 10 pounds in a couple of days but as soon as you are better it returns. However, if you can lose that 10 and keep it off for a couple of weeks then you know it is really gone.

Also, I’ve been lifting more weights so that when I lose weight this time I won’t lose any muscle mass. It is a hard line to balance, but it seems to be working because even though I’ve only lost 12 pounds, I am down 2 pant sizes. From 44 to 40 even though 40’s are a little snug. So I guess I am really only down 1 and 1/2 pant sizes, but hey, in one month that is pretty good.

Also, I am not dieting! haha. People always say that they are doing a lifestyle change and then they really don’t do it. Well, guess what. That is what I am doing. No more gorging on free cookies at Mavericks games. No more gorging on free meals at work. No more gorging period. Okay, on occasion I still like a good gorging, but instead of doing it every day or every other day, I try to keep it to just 2 gorgings a month.  

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