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Hot and NOT – A New Weekend Update

I’ve decided to add a feature on Monday’s to this site. It will be called Hot and Not and will detail what was hot about my weekend and what was definitely NOT.

 Hot: Zack Johnson won the Masters on Easter Sunday and thanked not only his coaches and mentors but also his Lord Jesus Christ.

Not: Having your car alarm remote lose battery power on a Friday night leaving you stranded at Target with your cousin who is in from out of town. Then walking around to find a battery in the cold until you finally find someone who is able to help you get the alarm shut off so the car will start.

Hot: Reading Men’s Fitness this weekend I saw an a quick blurb that said Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathon’s in 50 days. He wore only 5 pair of Asics Gel Nimbus’ during these 50 marathons. Very hot.

Not: Grindhouse. This was possibly the most disgusting movie I have ever seen. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t walk out. Mostly because it is a two movies in one deal and I wanted to see the second movie with Kurt Russel. The first movie had Naveen Andrews (Syed from Lost) and Bruce Willis and so I thought it would be pretty cool. DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT GO SEE THIS FILM. I’m still a little sick to my stomach.

Hot: Fogo De Chao – this restaurant is an all-you-can-eat paradise. It is expensive, but it is 15 meats cooked various ways and served hot off a large sword. Chanc and I went last Friday night and ate until we almost burst. You have to eat at this place at least once in your lifetime.

Not: Snow in April. I love snow but why in April? Why on Saturday morning during my game of Ultimate Frisbee? According to news reports it has not snowed in April in 70 years.

Hot: Karaoke till two in the morning. Shelly, a waitress at the Pirate’s Cove where my sister runs the Karaoke, she sang as good if not better than Carrie Underwood. I also sang 6 songs!

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