Suicide – Is it my only option?

Apparently the only way to get people to read this site is to talk about ending my life. Yep, I got more hits on that single post entitled, “Yesterday, I almost killed myself” than any other single post that I have ever posted on Posted Note.

Then yesterday I wrote two posts and no one even commented on them. Is Posted Note suddenly passe? Am I boring? Do I bore you? Dear God, there is nothing worse than being boring. Please help me not to be boring.

So tell me, should I just shut this thing down? Is blogging over for me? I am so over? Do people talk about my blog and say, “Man, that Posted Note is so last week!” and “Can you believe Eddie still thinks people read his lame site?”

It seems that since I moved to WordPress my readership has dwindled like Al Gore’s popularity. The constant decline in readership has me wondering what I have done to be irrelevant. I’m relevant people. I AM RELEVANT! Alas, I feel as though I am screaming in a sound proof room. What is the point of screaming if there is no one there to hear you…

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