Jars of Clay – Good Monsters

I love good music. I especially enjoy a band that is gifted musically. Yes, there are those artists that are manufactured, beats that are conjured up and mass produced that I like, but that is like fast food and this, this album from Jars of Clay is like a steak from Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

I love Jars of Clay. I especially loved their debut album that crossed over into the mainstream with their song “Flood”. Now, this new album has the knee slapping song “Carry Me” which is great, it rocks, but if you take a moment to listen to “Work” you will see that Jars of Clay have not only crossed over into the mainstream, they are on par or better than bands like Death Cab, Dishwalla, Goo Goo Dolls – even Coldplay.

If you don’t purchase any other albums this year, purchase this one. Now. And if you already new about this gem then shame on you for not telling me about it.

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