Please say something negative so I can prove you wrong…

I’m in the process of accomplishing some serious goals in my life, physical, mental, spiritual and financial. I have ambitions and desires and I am tired of people telling me I can’t. I’m tired of being held back, or undervaluing myself so that I can make others happy or so that I don’t make them feel bad about their lack of gumption.

In the last year I have paid off over 15,000 in bad debt, debt that I owed to the IRS and credit card companies.  I have gone to counseling to take care of some inner demons that I was struggling with and I have been more disciplined physically and spiritually than I have ever been in my entire life. It has been a long journey up a steep hill and I still have a long ways go. 

I’ve had numerous people applauding my efforts along the way. I’ve had an incredible support structure of friends, family, and most importantly God. However, there have been those people that have tried to pull me down, who have said negative things like, “That won’t work” or “Have fun with that” and even “I can’t see that happening”. To all of you I say “thank you”. I think those little comments may prove more effective than the applause when it comes to inspiring me to press onward. Yes, at first they hurt, they deflated my desire, but that was only temporary. When I was running that mile and I wanted to give up it wasn’t the applause or the praise that I heard, no, it was your voice telling me that I couldn’t do it that encouraged me to press on.  With every extra step I took, every extra breath of exhalation, every bill paid, every goal achieved I was able to enjoy it all the more because you said I couldn’t do it.

So please, say something negative, because it is fun proving you wrong.

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