Sometimes I have to ask myself why?

I was driving to work and I saw this truck windshield.

As you can see there on the far left, that is a stripper and a stripper pole. Then we have a large scary face in the center and a nice skull and American flag to balance everything else out on the right.

I just don’t get it… why would anyone put a picture of a stripper and a pole on the back windshield of their truck? And who would even think to make up that sticker? And the face in the center – is that supposed to be scary or funny? Or funnyscary?

What’s on the back of your car?

By Evan Stark

Eddie Renz is an avid fan of Egyptology, Wilbur Smith and bacon. Not a fan of humility but often finds himself humbled when he is around people who understand numbers like the Fibonacci sequence and Pi.

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