My diet coke tastes like camel sweat…

I went to 7-11 this morning to get a diet coke and some peanuts. There is something great about something carbonated and salty peanuts, but there is nothing great about a diet beverage that tastes like it has camel sweat in it.

I took a long swig and thought, “hmmm, that tastes funny.” I figured it was me. Fresh brushed teeth sometimes make things taste funny and so I started eating some peanuts. I took another drink. Yep, still taste like camel sweat. I continued to eat the peanuts and thought I would give the beverage one more try. A third drag on the straw. No change. This diet coke is indeed tainted with camel sweat. I’ve never tasted camel sweat before, but I am sure that it tastes exactly like this because I have smelled a camel before. A sweaty one at that. What is sad is that I drank 3 big drinks of it before I finally stopped. I mean, what if it tasted like camel poop? would I have done the same thing?


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