Knock Knock. Who’s there? Halli. Halli who?


I don’t know why this subject has been so prevalent in my world lately, but it is. Thank God I don’t have this awful gum disease.  According to Wikipedia, “chronic halitosis is not very well understood or even recognized as a treatable condition by most physicians and dentists, so effective treatment is difficult to find.”

Recently this friend of mine said she went out with some friends and this cute guy was hitting on her. She thought he was cute and very kind and only later really started to smell his breath the more they talked. Obviously any form of bad breath is a complete turn-off but halitosis breath is almost unbearable.

“One’s own breath odor is often undetectable due to habituation, although many people will have an accompanying bad taste (metallic, sour, fecal, etc) depending on oral dryness and the degree of breath odor.” Fecal? ugh. can you imagine having a fecal matter taste in your mouth all the time? Personally I don’t know what fecal matter tastes like and I plan to live my entire life without that knowledge, but some people live with that taste in their mouth and they can’t get it out! Ugh.

So what causes halitosis? I don’t know and Wikipedia was unclear, however, I have heard that sometimes it is associated with gum disease and gingivitis and so I plan on flossing more and using Listerine every day because I don’t want to have bad breath or fecal taste in my mouth EVER!

To hear a very funny song that JC from Kiss FM made up about Halitosis then click here. and then go to the blue box that says “KPOD” and you can hear the song.

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