If I had to pick between the cuisine and the company…

I would have to pick the cuisine – it was THAT good.


Jimmy McWhinney is in town for a brief moment and then he will be flown at warp speed back to China. Back to Shanghai to spread the Word of God in a world that is nothing like mine and everything like mine. I admire what he does, I do not envy it, but I do miss him when he is gone. He is my friend, he is my brother, and more often than he realizes he is my teacher – but that is true of all my close friends.

Jimmy came back to the States over a year ago and while he was here he traveled all over to visit friends, family and supporters and pretty much wore himself out. This time he decided to plan a weekend get-a-way to Selah Ranch where all his close friends could spend time together and spend time with him all in one wonderful relaxing weekend. The idea I must say, was brilliant.
I wasted no time requesting off for this once-in-a-lifetime weekend. 21 of us gathered together and at no point was I bored, or tired, or wishing that I was someplace else. On the contrary, I felt that this place was just a little tiny glimpse of what Heaven would be like. It was a place filled with the most delicious food, the most wonderful weather, and some of the most beautiful people that I never tire of being around. My only regret was that we didn’t have more time to just sit around and talk and to catch up and to find out every detail of what was going on in everyone’s life. We did, however, get to play Ultimate Frisbee, shoot a few skeets and play a rousing game of “21“.  I stayed up late both Friday and Saturday night, I tried my best to soak up every detail and to take every opportunity to spend time with these friends – some of which I hadn’t seen in over 4 years.


The above picture is of Alan and his newlywed wife Amanda. I remember waking up Sunday morning and seeing his Escalade outside and being delighted that he was still there. John and Alison sitting on the other end of the couch flew in from Colorado. We teased John that he was “Sawyer” from Lost because they have the same personality but you can’t help but love him.


Here I am ready to punch John in the face just for good measure.

This is Jenni Cribbs and that is her husband and baby on the right. I love this picture because it shows how fun and crazy Jenni can be even though most of the time she is very reserved and super sweet. If there was an award for the “Coolest Wife and Mom” I would have to give it to Jenni. She is so good to Dave and their relationship is a blessing to me.

And this is all of us. Friends that are closer than family. A group of people so diverse that only God could bring us all together.

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