This movie is one thrilling bloodfest. I actually heard a lady on the way out of the theater say, “I didn’t really want to see this movie because of all the violence, but I really like it, it was really good.”

I wanted to see the violence, I wanted to see some really good fighting, I wanted to see some amazing visual effects – this movie has it all and then some.

In the opening of the movie there is some nudity but it is paired with such hideousness that it loses all it’s sensuality or ability for arousal. Later there is some more lascivious behavior, but once again, the extent of the depravity that was showed in conjunction with the nude bodies thwarted any desire and quite possibly was more effective than any cold shower or pill to render a man impotent. 

At no point in this film was there a lull. It is a perfect balance of story and action and even a bit of romance.  In the end, even I wanted to be a Spartan.

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