Antonella Barba

Well, when she asked me to take the photos of her I was going to tell her no, but I really needed the money… 

Yesterday I was at the gym and they were talking about Antonella Barba on Larry King. If you don’t know who Antonella is then you are probably not watching American Idol and you also must be in a coma because she has been on the news almost as much as Britney and Anna Nicole lately. What I don’t like about all of this is that some people are saying that Antonella Barba should be kicked off the show because they kicked off the much larger Frenchie during season two of American Idol because they found out that she had gotten paid for some pictures that she had taken topless.

I don’t understand America. We have our morals all mixed up. We raise more fuss over a set of boobs than we do about killing babies. Even worse, some people are trying to say that American Idol is racist. What? Did you see that Fantasia and Ruben Studdard WON American Idol. They didn’t just compete, they weren’t just token black people, they were treated equally and fairly and they won. American Idol is not racist, they are just the opposite. Even Simon Cowell told Lakisha that she looked beautiful last night and I see them giving opportunities to the best singer/performer, not the best looking. Antonella is pretty and she got in because of that, but I believe it is America keeping her on now because of those pictures and because she is pretty. American Idol is a money making machine and they don’t care about race or color or even integrity, what they care about, like most corporations, is making money. That is the bottom line.

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