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Wild Hogs

Yep, it was a movie watching weekend and so if you didn’t see below that I posted about The Number 23 then you might want to read that one as well. Wild Hogs is fun. It is exactly what you expect in a movie with Tim Allen – a lot of cheese with your ham, but I like ham and cheese and so I enjoyed the movie. John Travolta, William H. Macey, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen are a group of guys that every guy that is aging can relate to. It is funny how as you get older you start to realize that all of us are in the same boat. We grow up and we live the American dream and in the process sometimes we forget to stop and take time really enjoy life. It is the same story that has been told repeatedly but one that always hits home because of its relevance.

Oh, and there is a little bit of male rear nudity and a couple of curse words and so leave your young kiddos at home.

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