Three Templates and One Big Headache Later…

…I finally settle on a theme that is really nice. Note the footer at the bottom of the page. Pay attention to the nifty icons. Someone took time creating this template and I hope to use this design as a skeleton for what I would like to do in the future.

 I tend to lean toward darker backgrounds and rich colors on my own sites, but when I read I always appreciate her verdana 10pt font on a white background. It’s easy to read, it’s clean and her masthead is updated monthly and that is a nice feature.

 So far I am still learning my way around WordPress and I am amazed at how much there is to learn, but like all things technical if you take the time to work through the steps then you realize it is all very logical and once you put the puzzle together then the editing and formatting becomes fairly elementary.

Why did I choose WordPress? Well, for starters I was tired of getting spammed on blogger. I was tired of the poor server-side functionality and I wasn’t even a fan of the 3rd party publishing software. It was simple, it was easy, I liked that, but then at times it was clunky and chunky and ugly and I didn’t like that. I got tired of feeling like I was on a Fisher-Price piece of blogging software and so it was time for an upgrade.

Was it a lot of work? Yes. Do I have some regrets since I may not be able to port in my old posts? Yes. But one way or another those posts are coming with me even if I have to link to them some other way.

 For now, I hope you enjoy this new and final template at least for today. And if there is anything that you see that is bugging you, please let me know.


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