I had a serious case of the cramps

On Saturday I got up and went to Denton to play Ultimate Frisbee. No big deal, I play every Saturday. However, I normally am so tired after a game of Frisbee that it takes me all day to recoop. I mean my legs are normally so sore that I can barely walk after sitting for a while and I have to just take it easy and drink lots of water in order to rehydrate myself. Last Saturday instead of taking it easy I went to Cribby’s and ate 2 Bratwurst and drank 8 bottles of diet Green Tea.

Joe and Amber were in town and we sat around and talked for a little bit and then Cribby, Joe and I loaded up the bikes and headed to Grapevine for a 12 mile mountain bike ride. To say it was windy would be like saying Jesus was just a great man or a great prophet, no, it was so windy that if it weren’t for the fact that I weigh 345 pounds I probably would have been hurled into Grapevine lake which was right next to the trails where we were riding.

So we are riding along and about 6 miles into the ride Cribby has a blowout. The blowout was annoying, but it sure was fun to watch Cribby fall over and over again. The guy is fearless when it comes to technical trail riding but where do you drawn the line between ballsy and stupid? Cribby was dancing on that line all day. Thankfully he did not get hurt and actually seemed to enjoy lying on his back on the rather rocky trails.

Cribby’s flat made for a good time to turn around. We had packed a tube but no pump, but no matter, some nice kids stopped with a pump and loaned us theirs. Aired up and ready to go we started to head back. About 3 miles into I started cramping. The front of my quads near my knees started to tighten up. I knew I needed to stop and rest but I how was I going to get back to the car? We still had 3 more miles to go. I kept pushing it until finally I had charlie horse legs and I just buckled and crumpled and fell off the bike. I’ve never given birth, but I know the pain in my legs had to feel something close to birth pains. My legs were indeed tight, but once I stopped using them they felt better immediately. I sat there and then proceded to drink all of Cribby’s gatorade and Joe’s water. After I was hydrated to some degree I walked my bike down the trails with Cribby. Joe went ahead and rode back to the car and left for some gatorade. I tried to ride my bike again, but that only lasted for a little while. I have to say I was a little scared. This was a first for me. I’ve never cramped up so bad that I couldn’t barely walk. What would I do if I had to be carried out of here?

I somehow made it back to the car and Joe had lots of Gatorade waiting for me. Even better this stranger gave me some electrolyte stamina pills and soon my legs were feeling almost as good as new. (Thanks Kelly for the pills)

So the moral of the story is not to go bike riding after playing ultimate frisbee without hydrating along the way.

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