“You knew that man wasn’t creative when you married him…”

I was listening to the radio yesterday and a DJ was talking about how women are always saying, “Just be creative, just be creative you don’t have spend a lot of money.” He then went on to say, “Some men can write poems, some men can do creative things, but some guys just aren’t wired that way. They may be a great loving man that takes care of business, but he just isn’t creative. You knew he wasn’t creative when you married him, why do you expect him to be on Valentine’s Day?”

This is a really good point. In relationships, even though we are told over and over that it won’t happen, we still think we can change our mate. We will go into relationships thinking “Well, I like a,b,c, and d, about this person, but I could sure do without e, f, and g.” the problem is that people are a package deal, you can’t pick and choose what you want, you have to take the whole thing and learn to love them inspite of their imperfections.

So don’t go into a relationship if you know from the beginning there are a few things about a person that are definite deal breakers. Big lists of deal breakers are weird and unnecessary, but for me a deal breaker would be dating a girl who is a Satanist. I mean, we just wouldn’t connect. She could be a great girl with loads of personality, but Satanism is a deal breaker for me and I wouldn’t expect her to change.

So this Valentine’s Day, just love the one your with without expectations.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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