Eddo’s Relationship Tips of the Month: February

“An ounce of creativity is worth a pound of cash”- Eddie Renz

This month is Valentine’s Day and we all know what that means… guys get to dig deep into their wallet to buy a mandatory gift that is normally thoughtless and purchased at the last minute. Some guys, however, are creative. (Insert Roger Ferris here) Guys like Roger think way ahead and start to plan something cool for the one that they love, but other guys will wait till the last minute and then use money to make up for their lack of creativity and thoughtfulness. Guys, this ploy does not work with children and it certainly doesn’t work with women. Sure it will appease them for the time being, but it won’t make up for what they really want – your time.

So with that in mind, use your time wisely and come up with something original that let’s the girl in your life know that you are actually listening to her. Gifts that are thoughtful are one’s that actually have that person in mind. For instance, if your girl loves to go dancing, but you hate it, surprise her by taking a few dance lessons and then take her out on the town and show her that you took the time to learn something just for her. A less time consuming option would be to make her something for her office so that while she is at work she will think of you every time she sees it. A handmade oragami lamp shade, a photo collage of the two of you, a small drawing, or even a cheesey poem can go a long way when it comes to love.

Also, don’t forget to spend time every single day making your girl feel like she is someone special. Valentine’s Day is nice day to make Hallmark a little extra change, but it becomes a sad day for men and women alike when it is the only time that either party is romantic. And women, remembr that we men have fragile egos and that if we did take the time to make something handmade or do something extra thoughtful, that it doesn’t mean that we are cheap. Any man can take a woman out to a nice dinner or buy expensive flowers, but not every man can come up with something truly creative that fits only you.

Some other creative options just in case you need some help…

1. A bunch of small items from a variety of places hiddden around the house with a treasure map.

2. A picnic inside of a tent in the backyard. Romantic, cozy, fun – it’s easy and if you don’t have a tent then you can make one out of large sheets and household items. (space heater may be necessary depending upon location. Tents can also be setup indoors)

3. If you are good with woodworking then a simple hand made jewerly box would be nice. Then fill it with something special.

4. Cook something special and don’t wait till the night of to try out a new recipe, give it a dry run to make sure it comes out like you want it. Martha Stewart and Paula Dean don’t come on a cooking show without having tested the recipe first, don’t make the mistake of trying to make something special for someone only to have it blow up in your face.

5. Read. If you can’t write a bit of poetry yourself, find something that you know she will like and read it to her.

6. Write. Guys sometimes assume that the women we love know it and we don’t have to express our feelings to them. Wrong. Take the time to write the reasons why you love her and then if you can, read it to her.

7. Use your hands. Massage her feet, wash her hair, or do both! Simple pleasures like these are often overlooked and more appreciated than a night of hot passionate love-making. Especially if she’s had a long day with the kids. Remember, this day is for her.

8. Go. If you can’t afford to get away to a remote destination then take a smaller trip to a kitschy cafe or an off-beat locale that the two of you can discover together.

9. Listen. Take the time to ask questions and to truly listen to what she wants. A gift of unselfishness is a pretty nice gift that is rarely given.

10. Spend. Only spend what is necessary as money should never be used in place of love – except on the wedding ring. That is one time when splurging is a necessity. That should hurt just a little…

Hope these tips prove to be helpful as I am the relationship guru who has written one non-best-selling book Marry Me… 101 Reasons and who is curently still single… but not for long…

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