The Screwtape Letters by. C.S. Lewis

I’d heard of this book before. Everyone said it was good. Blah, Blah, Blah, whatever. I’d read some of his other books and they didn’t really jazz me. I read The Chronicles of Narnia and loved them, but The Screwtape letters were not something that I thought would appeal to me.

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up something new and fresh to read. I am reading Divine Nobodies by Jim Palmer. I’m rarely a fan of Christian non-fiction, but on occasion I’ll scoop up something if it looks intriguing. I like to learn about Christ and all, but I’d rather spend my time reading the Bible since it is His word… if you know what I mean. But yesterday I was looking for something along the lines of spiritual purity and maybe even something about online purity, not for me, but for some teaching that I want to do and I found nothing helpful on the subject. What I did find was this book The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Something inside me stirred and I was drawn to this book the way you might be drawn to a plate full of chocoloate chip cookies. I could not say no to it. I scooped it up and took it home.

Last night I cracked open the book and started to read. Page after page was a treat, but not a treat on just an entertaining level. Yes, it appealed to my flesh because it was cleverly written and humorous, but there was that feeling of something more. A distinct understanding that like the word of God this book was nourishment to the soul. I devoured page after page, chapter after chapter and each one left me longing for more. I could not get enough. After reading for about 2.5 hours straight I thought I was going to just stay up and finish it, but it was 11 and I decided I would save some for the next day – like a plate of leftovers that I could look forward too or a saved half of a cake that I could enjoy tomorrow. Reluctantly I went to bed, but not before first praying and thanking God for bringing me such an unbelieveable life changing book. A book that I would like to buy and thrust into every mortals hands. It is that good of a read.

Have you read To Kill a Mockingbird? It is probably in my top ten best books ever written. It pales in comparison to this. It pales. I’ve never read anything more profound other than scripture.

If you do nothing this weekend, go out and buy this book and read it and be amazed at how your eyes will be opened. Stop reading Posted Note right now and go buy it. For real. Now.

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