The Deer, Absolom, and a little bit of Faith

When I was little I was told this story about a deer and his antlers. I will try to retell it here and if someone knows where to find the original that would rock.

Once upon a time there was this deer with long slender legs and a beautiful set of antlers. Everywhere she went she held her head way up high and showed off her large rack. She was so proud of her antlers, but hated her long pencil thin legs. When she was sitting around chatting with the other deer she always complained about her legs and bragged about her wonderful antlers. One day as she was eating in the forest, she was attacked and chased by a pack of wolves. She quickly sprinted away from the wolves and soon began to lose them. He spindly legs were swift and nimble and the wolves were no match for her speed. Just as she thought she had lost the wolves, her antlers got snagged in a tree. Soon the wolves came and ate her.

I tell this story because so often I complain about the things in my life that I don’t like instead of realizing they are the very things that have kept me from getting devoured by wolves. This story always reminds me of Absalom the son of David. He was proud and arrogant of he had a lot of hair, so much that it got caught in a tree when he was being pursued by his enemies. When they found him they ran him through with a bunch of spears. Spears, wolves, I’d prefer not to die by either one and so I am going to be content with what God has given me and not allow myself to be arrogant about the blessings I do have.

On a side note, I’ve been away all week because I have been working on this:

Each time I do a new site I try to incorporate new elements. This site challenged me because the header needed to float when the page was resized. Also, I wanted to create a footer with a 100% width at the bottom of the page. Both of them ended up being really easy. If I was slightly better with photoshop I could have done so much more with the shadowing and a few other graphic elements, but I am going to be content with this design because I think all in all it turned out rather nice.

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