Phantom Vibrations

What is that? That weird sensation?
Is that my phone or phantom vibrations?
Poised and tense, tensed and poised
I listen for the ring, that annoying noise
It doesn’t come, it’s only me
It’s in my head and my legs you see
I feel them all the freakin time
A vibrating sensation and no one on the line!
Am I going insane? Will it be voices next?
Who’s that in my head? I’m terribly vexed.
I’m stopping now, I’m changing rings
I’m removing the vibration from this crazy thing
And if necessary, I’ll set myself free
From this frustrating piece of technology
I’ll throw it out the largest door
I’ll smash it on the concrete floor
And then, yes then, I will be free
From these phantom vibrations
that are harrassing me.

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