Must Have List 2007

I was going to start writing a gadget column for 451press, however, I decided that the amount that they were going to pay me was not worth my time and effort and besides, I can write about gadgets on my own website without being forced to write 5 days a week! Ugh.

So here are my favorite techy things that I think everyone should have.

1. Verizon FIOS with a DVR or TIVO. I kept hearing everyone talk about how much better their quality of life was since they upgraded to one of these devices, but I kept saying, “I don’t need it”. Put it here on record, ” I was OUT of my mind for thinking I didn’t need it. It is life-changing and worth EVERY PENNY. (it’s 12.95 a month with my 49.99 a month cable package)

2. Everyone needs an iPod . I love my iPod video and could not imagine being in this world without it.

2.5. iPod Docking Station – Not only can you play videos from your iPod to any television, you can also use it to store your photos and then do slideshows at parties and stuff on anyone’s tv with this nifty 40 dollar docking station thing that comes with a remote. Cody Miller showed me this cool little docking station and it is indeed a must have for any geek.

3. BlackBerry Pearl – now everyone can have the convenience of their email right on their phone at an affordable, stylish price. This phone is un-freakin-believable. It is the first BlackBerry with a 1.3 Megapixel camera and voice-activated dialing. But who cares about either of those what is most important is EMAIL! 24×7 access to email may not seem important now, but in reality it is like a TIVO device and actually frees you up more. You don’t have to spend an hour each morning catching up on email because you caught up on it all day and night long. You are always up-to-date on what is happening and you never miss a last minute e-vite or fun photos that you can share with the people you are with immediately.

4. Digital Camera – I have a Kodak V550 which rocks for taking quick picture after picture after picture. The 5.0 Megapixels are plenty and the pictures come out clear and vibrant – most of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes the flash is too bright and so my pictures lack a butery warmth like the warmth Biggy seems to get with his 10 Megapixel gagillion dollar camera. Mine was only 229.00 and it was worth every penny. The thing is, it is hard to find a camera that fits all of your needs and your budget – until Now. Flickr in it’s brilliance has a way of capturing which cameras are used most by it’s users. How cool is that? Not only can you find the right camera, but you can see thousands of pictures taken with it. Here is the link for that site.

5. Flickr – it is a MUST HAVE for everyone. There is no better way to organize your photos than digitally. Scrapbookers spend tons of money putting together these delightful and pretty books of photos that they can only share with their friends and family when they happen to drop in. And really, who wants to look through all of your photos while sitting on your couch? No one. Okay, maybe your mom and your grandma, but no one else. The great thing about Flickr is that you can share your photos with everyone, or just family members online. If you want to make pretty sets you can do that. (My Sets) There is no need to kill any trees with this route and you can share with old friends and make new. And if you want to have pictures in your hand you can send any of your photos to a Target anywhere in the U.S. and who doesn’t love Target?

6. MySpace – yep, I said it. It’s not very well designed, but it can be. Check out my layout – and it was free. So yeah, it’s different than a blog in that it allows you to listen to music and post videos and chat with friends in an informal setting. It is also fun racking up friends and like everything else, you are going to eventually give in anyway so why not do it now? And my current theme is one from LOST and who doesn’t love LOST.

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