Do you bring your lunch? Or do you go out for lunch?

I’m working on saving money for the house I plan to buy – but it ain’t easy. I have long hated taking my lunch ever since I was a little kid and bullies used to look through my lunch and then take what they wanted. This only happened once really, but when I replay it in my mind the feelings I felt back then when that happened are still fresh. This kid who had failed a grade or two picked through my lunch and he didn’t take it, he just made fun of it. I wish that he had just taken it because from then on I always had a complex about my food and what other people were thinking when I ate it.

So today I brought tuna fish which is really healthy and I like it alot, but what will my co-workers think? How uncool is tuna fish? I should have brought one of those little healthy choice meals that is steeped in salty preservatives and other unhealthy choices, but nope, I brought tuna.

I also don’t like to bring a lunch because it is depressing just sitting here at my desk working away while eating a sandwich. I need an escape from the office because I am like a balloon building up pressure and by lunch time I am about to blow.

All of these feelings are irrational and I am trying to overcome them and so today I am going to here at my desk like a big boy and try not to get all depressed because I’m 31 now and if someone makes fun of my lunch then I might just punch them in the face and if I don’t punch them in the face, I’ll fantasize about punching them in the face and we all know fantasy is better than reality most of the time anyway.

So do you bring your lunch? Options? Suggestions? I’d like to hear them.

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