Projects – Not the kind you live in though which is a good thing

Why do they call those run-down slums “The Projects”? Is it because they are someone’s project that never got finished or are they a continual project? I’m flummoxed. Isn’t that a fun word? Can I use any more questions in this opening paragraph?

So, for those of you that don’t know this, at one time I wanted to be a plastic surgeon. It is good that I didn’t go into that field because I have this habit of LOVING something that I created for all of 5 minutes and then loathing it the next. I’ll want to start over and totally trash the first design and could you imagine if I did that to your face? See, God does know what he’s doing.

So this week I have been working on the Know Consequences site for the 800th Bagillion time and I finally finished it for the most part. It’s sublimely simple and so I am extremely pleased with it. However, don’t mistake for simple for easy. MY WORD that menu across the top took me 4 hours to create and it still isn’t right. If you look at it in Mozilla it is slightly off center and it is MAKING ME CRAZY. But I am not going to throw out this whole baby with the bath water.

So for the final and last time, I give you

Which is going to have a lot of updates done to it, but the foundation is set and I am really pleased with the videos page.

Please have a look at it and tell me if anything is wompy-jawed.

All feedback, positive and negative, is appreciated. Negative commenters however might be made fun of in a later post.

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