Pretty soon we’ll start headlining in Vegas

Edited @ 2:59 PM because I can…

Eddo with Mavericks Dancers Crystal and Mallory

Crystal, Eddo, and Mallory – All Mavericks Dancers haha.

I just had to post this one because it is a good picture and many of my readers might not go and look through all my Flickr photos. I need to get a stalker, they would look through my flickr photos and maybe coat their walls with them.

Bam Bam is one of the newest ManiAACs. I am posting these pictures to clear up any confusion about the other pictures as there was some. He’s a little person, but he is much bigger than a lot of people I know.




Eddo and “Bam Bam” practicing for our new show which is yet to be named.


Bam Bam is unsuspecting of the fact that he is about to be dipped in honey mustard and eaten.

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