Pass me the ketchup… please.

My life is closely tied to a refrigerator and not so much the refrigerator itself but the food inside. It is also something that almost everyone, at least everyone living in America and not in the African Bush, can relate to. So hopefully when I use it in an analogy about love, then you will easily be able to put the pieces together like you did when you were a kid and you had those wooden puzzles with the giant wooden pieces. This should be that easy.

Women in my life have been like condiments. One in particular has been ketchup to me for many years. She is sweet and wonderful and makes everything taste better. I love ketchup, but I am also a fan of mustard and on occasion mayonnaise. There are times when I even want a raspberry vinaigrette. Sometimes new condiments enter my fridge and I am tempted to try them because they come packaged in sleek new bottles. They are shiny and alluring and pretty and I want to reach out and touch them. I want to hold the pretty bottle. I want everyone to see me with the pretty cool bottle and then later I realize I don’t like the tart flavor of this dressing. It was good at first but I got tired of it easy and I regretted later not just sticking with the ketchup.

The funny thing about the ketchup is that it was there all along and when I opened the fridge door often times I didn’t see it even thought it was exactly what I was looking for.

The interesting thing about trying all the other condiments is that after a while you realize that ketchup is what you want. Ketchup is what you need. It isn’t always right for every situation, but you are comfortable with it. It makes you feel good about you. It listens to your jokes and enjoys being with your friends. It doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t and you never get tired of it.

I’ve wasted so much time trying out other condiments, I hope there is still some ketchup left. I hope it’s not too late.

And while the other love not wasn’t about anyone in particular, this post most definitely is…

Happy New Year! It’s going to be an interesting 2007!

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