On the 9th Day of Christmas my co-workers gave to me…

A Case of Adult on-set Dia Beee Teeeees!

On monday I got a homemade German Chocolate cake from one of my co-workers for my birthday. Her daughter is a professional cake maker and this was by far the best tasting German Chocolate cake I have ever had. One bite and I was immediately aware of that fact that I would never be able to eat a lesser German Chocolate cake again. It was and it it still is soooo good. I have about 2 large pieces left.

On Tuesday one of my other co-worker friends made me some homemade Chocolate Chip pecan cookies. The pecans are toasted before they are put in the cookies and it does something magical to the cookies. I ate the entire dozen in one day over a period of about 8 hours.

Yesterday someone brought to work a Yule Log. A Yule log is layered chocolate cake covered in a hard chocolate candy shell. I ate some of that and later that night I had some more German Chocolate cake and then a group of friends and I went to Outback Steakhouse and then back to Cindy’s place where we made sugar cookies with lots of icing. Of course I had to test some of those to make sure they were good.

This morning another co-worker brought in a homemade still warm poppyseed cake covered with powdered sugar. In the recipe there is butter, sourcream, and vanilla pudding. It was delicious. He then gifted me with a bag of chocolate caramel covered pretzels with pecans. And for breakfast I had already eaten… GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!

The funny thing is, last Saturday I weighed and I weighed less than I have this entire year. LESS even during the Holidays. But for realz, if I keep eating so much sugar my kidneys are going to explode into a million little pieces and I will have to go on dialysis for the rest of my life and that won’t be fun. But for now, it sure is fun gorging on all of these treats.

Happy Holidays!

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