HELLUVA Effin Awesome Bitchin Birthday

I’m having trouble coming up with the right adjectives to describe my birthday. It was that good…

As you already read in the previous post Maria the Great set off my birthday weekend with a super sweet suprise bash. People told me, “You should have seen your face!” Well, my sister caught a picture of it and I can share it here. I call it Scary Eddo which will be the new hit toy for the Holidays once it hits the shelves.



This is Maria who really out did herself. We’ll see if she can ever top this surprise again. It’s doubtful.


And this is me with my amazing, sweet, beautiful sisters who took the time to come to this party. This meant more to me than they will ever know.

The surprise party in and of itself would have been enough to make this birthday one of the best birthdays in my entire 31 years of existence – but it kept getting better! How is that possible? Well, let me enumerate.

1. Birthday party with monster cupcakes. Monster cupcakes are a birthday first for me. When I was little I loved cookie monster and my mom made me a cake once in the shape of cookie monster. I think I was 5 and so that makes that wonderful moment 26 years ago. Since then I don’t remember ever having cupcakes or a cake in the shape of something like Elmo or Cookie Monster and so these were the next best thing:

Monster Cupcakes!

Jes a.ka. Chirky made these cupcakes for me and I think that her and Roger should open their own bakery making very cool designer confections. And Jes, just in case you are reading this, next year can we do something with Batman or Wolverine? Thanks.

2. I don’t remember the last time that my real dad has been to one of my birthday parties or if he has ever been to one period but he was at my 31st birthday party with my family yesterday and it was nice having him there. Perhaps you’ve never seen a picture of him, well,here is a picture of us when we were children. This will also help put to rest any wondering about my Ethnicity which happens to be African American, Caucasian and Native American. My read dad is half Native American and half African American. I’m Not Samoan, Hawaiian or Mexican – silly people. haha.

One for the books... my real dad.

My real dad also said that when I was 10 he asked me what my favorite type of pizza was and I said, “Large!” Which still happens to be my favorite kind! He then gave me a coupon for a free large pizza and a free buffet as well as some birthday cash. I tried on the birthday cash and I found that it was a perfect fit and so comfy! I am sure glad the birthday cash fit because I got the same thing from my parents and my sisters! Awesome!

3. Blowing out the candles. I think that sometimes we forget that there are times when it is fun to be a kid. Things like riding on the handlebars of a bike, picking at your scabs, sliding on a wet banana and blowing out birthday cake candles – these are things you should never stop doing if you can help it. Last night at another improptu party someone stuck some candles in a cake, turned out the lights and then sang happy birthday to me. I made a wish and then blew out the candles. I wished that I would always remember that feeling of being surrounded by people that love you. This week I got a super dose of it and it has been awesome.

4. Fake moustaches. Small zany gifts can often be more fun than expensive less fun gifts. Like these moustaches were way more fun than say a Dyson vaccuum cleaner or a coupon for a free carpet cleaning.


How you doin?



You gotta love “Ghetto Katie”


Chirky the GodFather


Groucho Marx? No, it’s just Roger


UniBrian UniBrow

There were also some other random gifts that KT passed out and if you know Roger then you know he loves toy weiner dogs and maybe he likes real weiner dogs as well? So KT got him some:


5. Cowboy birthday hats. Also very cool. I love birthday hats and these rocked.


Thanks everyone for making this birthday week the best week ever!

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